A job or a vocation?

What wall is your career ladder leaning on – a job or a vocation?
These are your experiences if its a job
• You don’t like it, let alone love it, but you do it because you have to.
• A job leads to something else, usually another job.
• A job has performance reviews, promotions, and raises that you are always thinking about.
• When you have a job, you see career coaches who simply recommend more jobs.
• A job usually has days off and vacation.
• A job has a defined description of duties, usually written by someone else.
• In a job, you will be compared to others and how your performance rates against theirs.
• In a job, you will compete, and not want to collaborate very much.
• In a job, you will have a title.
• A job will give you pre-defined working hours and a set wage.
• If you lose your job, you can collect unemployment insurance.
• There are many external factors influencing the nature of your job, most of which you have no control over.
• A job has many wasted, non-value added activities like unnecessary emails and meetings.
• A job doesn’t always align to your personal values.
• The environment in which a job takes place makes it difficult to get much balance in your life.
• You can retire from a job.
• You can quit a job.
• You can call in sick from a job.
• On Sundays, you start to worry about having to go back to your job on Monday.
• Monday is the worst day of the week, and Friday is the best when you have a job.
• When you have a job, you look forward to days off.
• You need approval from others.
• You are unhappy most of the time.
• You get paid for work that is neither challenging, nor uses the abilities you most enjoy using.
• You save money for retirement.
• Your mother in-law is proud of you, and brags about your job title to friends and family.
• Before 40, a job is good, and important for building ego, self-identity, and a sense of one’s place in the world.
• After 40, a job is a waste of your life.

These are your experiences if its a vocation?
o Your vocation means doing work that fits you just right.
o Your vocation means doing work that lasts a lifetime.
o You will never retire from a vocation.
o You will never have to save money for retirement.
o A vocation means doing authentic work.
o You enjoy your weekend and you are restless when going to sleep on Sunday — you can’t wait to get up on Monday morning.
o Monday is the best day of the week and Friday is the worst, because you have to wait until Monday to resume your work!
o You don’t have to prepare for work — it comes naturally.
o You don’t care what others think.
o There are no job ladders, performance reviews, or managers’ perceptions to worry about.
o Your mother in-law might not be proud of you.
o You will never be nervous for your work, or worry about failure.
o You create your own development path.
o You no longer need the approval of others.
o You often pinch yourself, and wonder if you are dreaming.
o You feel happy all the time.
o Your personal values are aligned with your work.
o Your work is a natural expression of yourself.
o You design your work day and what you do.
o You get paid for using your natural gifts.
o You match high challenge work with your interests and your strongest abilities.
o You never want to quit or retire from your vocation.
o You look forward to every meeting and every email.
o You feel younger and more creative, and you appreciate your life.
o Your vocation always feels like vacation.

You will probably quit or retire from your job but not from your vocation and its only your vocation will allow you to leave a legacy. Choose intentionally.

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