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Painting Resume Profiles (PRP) is a Workforce and Career development Consultancy serving recent graduates, young professionals and newcomer job seekers. The CEO and founder of PRP, is a Certified Workforce Development Professional (CWDP) and Career Consultant, leading a team of professionals who are passionately commitment to preparing job seekers and organizations for the challenges and opportunities in a 21st century workforce. We also help students and career changers to explore, clarify, plan and achieve their career and employment goals.

PRP provides a range of customized high value workforce training and career development services accessible to clients in the Greater Toronto Area. These services include one-to-one career and employment coaching such as resume and cover Letter construction, career advising, job search assistance, job interview preparation, professional development coaching and workforce development solutions such as talent retention and work team solutions.

PRP also facilitates workforce and career development seminars and workshops for organizations on a range of topics such as transitioning from knowledge worker to learning worker to issues dealing with employee engagement, disempowerment, meaninglessness and apathy arising from changes in the nature and content of work.

As lead coach, I hold functional expertise and industry experience in Human Resource Management, Adult Education, Higher Education Management and Career Counselling. I moved fluidly among my skill set and performs each with equal aplomb. Each of these experiences coalesced and I’m located professionally at their intersection. As team, we bring our deep workforce development experience and insider knowledge of business recruitment needs to inform your resume construction and interview preparation.

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A Workforce and Career Development Consultancy

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