Marlene Meechan

20 years with Immigrant Employment

I came to know Vaughn in his role as Facilitator and Employment Consultant at JobStart. Vaughn has an easy-going, supportive and collaborative attitude and is a knowledgeable job coach, facilitator and teacher. He carries a passion to help Internationally Trained Professionals integrate successful in Canada labour force.


Natalia Schiopu

Employment Counsellor/Mentoring Coach at JobStart

Vaughn is a dedicated professional committed to assist, support and inspire skilled professionals to become successful on Canadian labour market, in a new business environment for them. Vaughn is an excellent facilitator – he delivers very interesting, engaging and informative job search workshops. As a colleague, Vaughn is very supportive and helpful, always willing to share his knowledge and expertise. Being very flexible and always open to new ideas, and information, he models self-reflective and life-long learning practices


Scott McCauley

Streets to Jobs Outreach Counsellor at Youth Employment Services

“Vaughn is a passionate and knowledgeable Employment Consultant who will go the extra mile for his clients. Vaughn has the energy and enthusiasm needed to empower his clients to reach their employment goals. Vaughn is a great team player and a great career resource to his clients

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